GOTIC (Golden Ticket) April 2 - 29, 2024
01. Apr. 2024

Hi Troopers, After Maintenance this time, there is an Update on Permanent Items from Golden Ticket Redemption! You can choose ONE of the following Permanent Items if you have successfully collected Golden Tickets:

Event Period: April 2 - 29, 2024

Here are the total Golden Tickets you need to redeem:

Event Period: April 2 - 29, 2024

List Permanent ItemGolden TicketRepair
Kriss S.V Z900Point
Tactilite T2 Black900Point
SC-2010 Seagames900Point
C.Python G+700Point
Combat Machete Rose600Point
Cendrawasih Keychain500PB Cash
Camo Soldier Boonie Hat800PB Cash
Frail Skull Mask800Point

**Items, Terms & Times are subject to change without prior notice.

Here's the information about Stats Accessory Permanent  

Here's the information about Stats Hat & Mask Permanent  

What is golden ticket? Already got a Golden Ticket can not be used / equipped in the game?
Golden Ticket is NOT a Functional Item that you can Use/Equip in the Game. But it is an Item that you can collect (Collectible Item) to exchange for various Permanent Items

How to get the Golden Ticket?

You can get the Golden Ticket from :

1. Random Box Permanent Weapon Example : >>Link<<
2. Special Event Reward at certain event periods Example :
- Attendance >>Link<< - Daily Web Mission >>Link<<
- Battle Pass >>Link<<
- Special Event >>Link<<
and others event

How is the Golden Ticket Redemption Process?

This Golden Ticket item will only be REMOVED if Troopers submit a Permanent Item Exchange.

As long as Troopers do not apply for a Redemption, the Golden Ticket Item will be stored in your Inventory.

and you can save also collect them to exchange for Permanent Items that you wish

Example :

Troopers have successfully collected 900 Golden Ticket Units

Then Submit a Permanent Item Exchange worth 700 Golden Ticket Units

then only 700 Golden Ticket Units will be REMOVED from your inventory

and you will get the Permanent item you want / choose.

Golden Ticket Redemption Terms & Conditions :

1. Have Golden Ticket Items in your Inventory ID according to the Permanent Redemption Value of the Item you want.

Example: Your Account only has 700 Golden Tickets in Inventory but wants to Exchange Permanent Item Worth 900 Golden Tickets

then the Exchange Submission will NOT be processed.

2. Golden Ticket redemption is only for Permanent Items that you have never had on your Inventory ID. 

Example: Your ID already has OA-93 Space Basic Permanent in your Inventory

if you apply for Golden Ticket redemption for OA-93 Space Basic Permanent Item again

then the exchange application will NOT be processed.

3. Permanent item redemption cannot be transferred to another account.

Example: Account A already has 900 Golden Ticket Units and submits a Permanent Item Exchange to Account B.

then the Exchange Submission Process will NOT be processed.

4. The types of Permanent Items that can be redeemed may vary in each Event Period.

5. Golden Ticket Redemption Link will only be OPEN and CLOSED per specified event period If the Redemption Period has been CLOSED

you can wait for the Next Golden Ticket Redemption Event Period

subject to further notice via the Point Blank Official Website.

Golden Ticket Redemption Submission Form Link :

What are the types of permanent items that you can exchange?

The list of Permanent Item Types that you can exchange will change depending on the ongoing Event Period.

Information about Permanent Item Types will be announced through Notice on the Official Point Blank SGMY Website.

~ Thank You ~

You can also visit our Official Discord, Facebook, Instagram & Youtube. and if you want to ask a question please send it through the ticket that we have provided 



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